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Private Individual and Private Group Readings:
Using meditation, prayer and automatic writing, she connects her clients with loved ones on the other side. The
messages she brings through offer hope, love, humor, and closure for those left behind when their loved ones
crossed over. Many clients also receive information about upcoming events and unresolved issues in their lives.
Barbara will travel to your home to read you or your group.

Public Group Readings and Sessions:
Barbara offers a special time of connecting with loved ones for public groups. Through the phenomenon of direct
spirit contact, she brings messages from loved ones from the ‘other side’ and predicts future events in the lives of
her clients with a humorous yet prayerful approach. Barbara has given as many as a dozen individual readings a day
in addition to the group sessions she conducted.

Mediumship through Automatic Writing Instructor:
Barbara guided members of each class to experience the “letting go, letting spirit” process. Class members learned
easy methods to discern real spirit guide messages from noisy mental chatter. They explored different channeling
techniques to determine whether each person was clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient.
Barbara Friedkin: PO Box 3782, Carefree AZ 85377 ph: 623-977-8000 email: TheMysticOfCaveCreek (at)
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