The Mystic Of Cave Creek
Psychic Medium
Barbara Friedkin, The Mystic of Cave Creek, has
been reading for over 15 years to clients world-
wide and is incredibly accurate. Using meditation,
prayer and automatic writing she connects her
clients with loved ones on the other side. The
messages she brings through offer hope, love,
humor, and closure for those left behind. Many
clients also receive information about future events
and unresolved issues.

Barbara is a consummate entertainer and
storyteller, a gifted psychic medium, sincerely
spiritual, and a tender, warm-hearted person. With
her background as a comedienne and now as a
medium, she reads with great humor, making it a
joyful experience. Her uncanny ability to hold an
audience gently but firmly, while she reveals things
she simply couldn’t know, makes for a truly
memorable and thoroughly enjoyable occasion.

Barbara is the ideal guest speaker for any
conference or convention group. From convention
audiences, to more intimate groups, to individual
clients, a reading by Barbara Friedkin is a life-
changing experience.
Barbara Friedkin, the Mystic of Cave Creek, is
featured in Sherry Ward's book, "SEEKERS OF THE
SOUL": "After interviewing numerous psychics,
Ward chose the most principled, unique and skillful
among them for "Seekers of the Soul."
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